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Places to go for Orlando Vacations

When considering vacation plans, Florida may be one of the better places to think about. This is especially true for family vacations as Florida has many areas ideal for family entertainment. Children of all ages as well as adults can find something interesting, fun and entertaining to enjoy in Florida. Orlando is one of the more popular Florida vacation spots because of the variety of family activities centered in and around the area. If you are considering Orlando vacations, there are many places you may want to make sure you go see. Choose your agenda while on Orlando vacations according to where you want to go and how much time you want to spend there.

Probably the most noteworthy destination for Orlando vacations is the Walt Disney World Resorts. You can have economy all the way up to luxury accommodations at any one of the lodging options located on the Disney World grounds. Each hotel has amenities that are sure to please the entire family. Each hotel also includes shuttle service to and from the theme parks so that you can easily and conveniently enjoy the Disney parks. Orlando vacations that include Disney World are sure to bring a smile to everyone attending. At the parks you will find rides, shows and characters that will delight everyone.

In addition to the accommodations found at Disney, there are other attractions within Disney that you can enjoy during your Orlando vacations. Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are among the attractions you will see during your Orlando vacations. Disney Boardwalk is fun for the entire family and for shopping, dining and entertainment; Downtown Disney is an ideal location. Make sure when planning your Orlando vacations that Walt Disney World Resorts are among your stops even if you do not plan on staying there.

Universal Studios is another of the hot spots for Orlando vacations. For movie buffs who are on Orlando vacations, there is no better place to explore a movie themed park than Universal Studios. The theme parks, including the water parks, are ideal for those who enjoy rides and thrills. The shows and events are perfect for people of all ages. There is even an area for night life where you can stroll and shop and dine while being entertained. For the adults, fine dining and night clubs are also a part of the Universal City walk.

Anyone going on Orlando vacations should check out Sea World. For children going on Orlando vacations, this is not only a fun place to enjoy but also a highly entertaining place. Even the adults on Orlando vacations can learn some new things about marine life at Sea World. There are rides for those who enjoy thrill seeking. There are shows and musical numbers that will entertain the family. The marine life shows, though, are what Sea World is most noted for with Orlando vacations. You can see whales and dolphins performing acrobatic feats that are breathtaking. You can see sea lions and seals performing as they would in the wild or putting on shows to entertain and amuse the crowd.

No Orlando vacations would be complete without a trip to the beach. Although Orlando vacations do not have direct, immediate access to the beaches as it is located in central Florida, some of the best beaches are only a short drive away. Taking a day to enjoy one of the fine beaches around the area will delight everyone on Orlando vacations. Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach are among the popular beach destinations near Orlando. You can take an hour car trip to one of the beaches and spend the day frolicking in the surf, playing in the sand, exploring the sea shells and participating in water activities.

Orlando vacations are great for the entire family. There is a wide variety of things to do for the whole family and people of all ages. There is family entertainment available for children and adults to enjoy together. There are also plenty of night life opportunities for the adults to indulge in and have fun when they want to. Choosing Orlando vacations is a smart choice in family and adult vacation planning.

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